25 May, 2017

LCC Financial and Management Plans

Lithgow City Council finally publicly releases next year's
Management & Financial Plans - ALL SIX OF THEM !

The Lithgow City Council has today finally publicly released their next year's Management & Financial Plans and all SIX Plans can be downloaded from the Council's website at this link: 

The SIX PLANS are made up of the following:

👉   The Draft Community Strategic Plan 2030
👉   The combined Draft Delivery Program 2017/18 – 2020/21 and Draft Operational Plan 2017/18
👉   The Draft Fees and Charges 2017/18
👉   The Draft Strategic Asset Management Plan
👉   The Draft Long Term Financial Plan
👉   The Draft Workforce Plan

At over 400 pages in total, it's going to be a long read over the next month with time you won't get back with Community Submissions closing in just four weeks on Monday 12 June, 2017.

Here from one of W.C. Fields best known quotes: 

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